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Here is the Contact Information for the BYDC staff.
Alisha Passey
Coalition Coordinator
245 North Placer Ave
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Becky Leatham
Youth Program Director
245 North Placer Ave
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Jake Wohlschlegel
Youth Activities Coordinator
245 N Placer Ave
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

 Our Leadership
Our Board of Directors provide years of experience and many great talents to BYDC's Promise.
Meri Bybee

Jim Shank
Vice Chair

Susan Searle
Vice Chair
Public Relations

Alisha Passey
Coalition Coordinator

Becky Leatham
Youth Program Director

Karen Carlson

 Vision Statement
Our vision is a community where families and citizens of Bonneville County all share responsibility for strengthening youth by creating a safe community where young people are provided with an opportunity to learn positive values, model integrity and enjoy a sense of well-being. 

 Mission Statement
 BYDC's mission is to establish an organizational structure to address the needs of all young people in our community, and to promote programs and community efforts that enrich and support families in developing strong positive assets in youth.  


  1. To increase the number of youth receiving the 40 Assets in Bonneville County.
  2. To increase the number of businesses, organizations, and individuals involved in intentionally providing support for youth in Bonneville County.
  3. To increase awareness of the 40 Asset initiative in Bonneville County.


To support youth by:

  • Providing opportunities for service. 
  • Promoting the 40 Assets in Bonneville County. 
  • Collaborating and networking with our partners and community members to enhance current programs.
  • Continuing to find ways to increase parent involvement in schooling, youth as resources, adult role models, community valuing youth, creative activities, and planning and decision making in Bonneville County.

History and Overview

In 1998, the Bonneville Youth Development Council (BYDC) was established to focus community efforts to help at-risk youth. The goal of BYDC was to address concerns of people who work directly with high-risk youth; review existing prevention, intervention and correction programs; and recommend actions to improve the lives of adolescents.
In 1999, BYDC adopted the 40 Developmental Asset Framework, in order to use Search Institutes research to better understand the youth in Bonneville County. This broadened our mission to establish an organizational structure to address the needs of all young people in our community, and to promote programs and community efforts that enrich and support families in developing strong positive assets in youth.  In short, BYDC is a community organization who partners with organizations and agencies working with or for youth in order to work together to make our community better for youth.  
In May 2004, BYDC became BYDC’s Promise and began working with the 40 Assets, the 5 promises and America’s Promise.  Having already established the 40 Assets in our community and continuing to focus on the Assets, joining with America’s Promise brought access to many other resources. 


BYDC's Priorities

Following the 40 Developmental Asset Survey, BYDC picked six Assets to focus on. The following is a list of the six priorities.

 1. Adult Role Models--(Asset #14)--33% of the young people surveyed feel their parent(s) and other adults model positive, responsible behavior.

 BYDC has recognized adult role models in Bonneville County. BYDC realizes that caring adults are a vital part of youth’s lives and continues to strive for ways to teach and promote positive adult role models. 

 2. Community Values Youth--(Asset #7)--24% of young people surveyed perceive that adults in the community value youth.

 BYDC has been involved with numerous workshops and events regarding the community seeing and understanding youth as an important part of our community. BYDC, the Bank of Commerce, and the Post Register have held the Extra Mile Youth Awards to honor youth in the community who "go the extra mile" to improve their community.

BYDC strives to increase youth participation in community decisions and focuses youth on civic involvement in order to work with community leaders to address issues concerning youth. BYDC has accomplished this by encouraging teens to be involved with BYDC and it’s coalition members and to provide avenues for conversations, such as school performances and town hall meetings.

 3. Creative Activities--(Asset #17)--26% of young people surveyed spend three or more hours per week in sports, clubs, or practice in music, theater, or other arts.

 BYDC partners with many community groups to encourage youth to be involved in the community and by helping youth find their passion.

4. Parent Involvement in Schooling--(Asset # 6)—33% of young people surveyed feel their parent(s) are actively involved in helping young person succeed in school.

 BYDC has access to parenting classes and resources for parents. We have parent packets available upon request.

5. Youth as Resources--(Asset # 8)—32% of young people surveyed are given useful roles in the community.

 BYDC has a youth group called BYC.  This youth group focuses on service, leadership, and preventing underage drinking.  They hold an annual conference called TRAPPED SOBER.  The goal of the conference is to provide awareness to the community about drugs, availability of drugs to teens, how the community can help and other issues concerning peer pressure.  This group is working with other community members to make changes in our community regarding underage drinking.

 6. Planning and Decision Making--(Asset #32)—30% of young people surveyed know how to plan ahead and make choices.

 BYDC has classes and resources available to teach an array of classes concerning planning and decision making. The Bank of Commerce has taught classes on credit and saving for college or a new car.  



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