We are parents, educators, community members and students. We are people who have come together with a common cause—seeking to positively improve the lives of youth in Bonneville County. We are the Bonneville Youth Development Council.


We believe families and citizens of Bonneville County all share responsibility for strengthening youth by creating a safe community where young people are provided with an opportunity to learn positive values, model integrity and enjoy a sense of well-being.


We seek to provide youth, parents and community members with the resources and education necessary for them to make the best decisions about their own well-being and the well-being of youth in our community.


We seek to engage students in programs and activities, both our own and those put on by partner organizations, that promote service, community involvement and alternatives to substance use and abuse.


We seek to empower and support youth in making positive, healthy decisions through everyday struggles to prevent substance abuse. We are here to listen and help, creating conversations and opportunities to lead.


We seek to collaborate with other organizations, parents and community members so that we can work together to create a safe and positive community for the students that live here in Bonneville County. We cannot do this alone.

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To lower substance use among youth in Bonneville County through promoting positive involvement, prevention measures and community collaboration.


Meet the Staff

Our staff brings the Bonneville Youth Development Council and our mission to life through the hard work and dedication to the cause.

Alisha Passey

Executive Coordinator


Ashley Billman

Community Outreach


Becky Leatham

Youth Program Director


Jim Hopla


Meet the Board of Directors

Our board members provide years of experience and many diverse talents and perspectives to support the Bonneville Development Council's mission.

Bryan Lovell, Chair

Koreen Dursteler, Vice-Chair

Veronica Owen, Treasurer

Olivia Owen, Secretary

Dave Radford

Tyler Price

Shandy Gillman

Dave Pinegar

Tyler Griffin

James Maughn